"Rusty" the 1970 Chevelle Beater Street Machine

On these pages you will get to know "Rusty." Rusty is a 1970 Chevelle SS454 "Heavy Chevy." The kit that I'm building this off of is the Revelle/Monogram 3 in 1 Heavy Chevy.

I'll update this page as I make more progress on Rusty and get the time. Right now Rusty features Sidewinder buckets and a General Lee derived roll cage. i have yet to scan it with the roll cage, I'd like to make some progress on the other assemblies first. So far I have done quite a bit of "creative bodywork" in the creation of dents and rust.

Rusty's rear axle recently broke as I was trying to remove the exaust pipes from it, so I plan to try and make either the rear end from the 70 Buick GSX 2 in 1 kit or 65 GTO 2 in 1 kit work. If not I know I have a 67 Chevelle rear axle around here somewhere.

Right now niether the wheel/tire combo nor the engine has been decided upon. I'm thinking Big N Littles and a small block. Though I have a spare 454 from an old Heavy Chevy kit, that I can make work with some cleaning up.

Pictures of Rusty

Rusty's first scan:
Rusty's second scan:
Rusty's Interior as of 4-26-00: Check out the duct tape repairs to the seats
Rusty's top side as of 04-26-00: In this shot you can see Rusty's undented body panels
Rusty's left side as of 04-26-00: I think this is Rusty's good side
Rusty's right side as of 04-26-00: It all started with a small dent in the right rear quarter
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